• Puerto Montt - Chile
  • Punta Arenas -Chile
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  • Central Offices Sector Chinquihue 9,000, Km. 11 – Puerto Montt
  • +56652203630
  • Maipu 1039, Punta Arenas

Harvest Transport

We carry out different types of transport of live and dead harvest: We have a Wellboat with state-of-the-art equipment, co2 removal ponds, fish counter and cold equipment. Multipurpose vessels with large deck spaces can transport mixed crops by means of fishtank or bins.


Estanques de remoción de co2, contador de peces y equipos de frío

Get to know our boats multipurpose

Messier Channel

It has a capacity of 220 m3 in underground warehouses.

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Otway Sine

Larger multipurpose barge type ship for transporting general cargo and smolt.

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It has 13 tanks on deck with a total capacity of 400 m3.

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Larger ship with large capacity for transporting smolt.

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Don Sebastian

Used for transporting general cargo, road transport and smolt among others.

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