• Puerto Montt - Chile
  • Punta Arenas -Chile
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  • Central Offices Sector Chinquihue 9,000, Km. 11 – Puerto Montt
  • +56652203630
  • Maipu 1039, Punta Arenas


The objective of our Wellboats is to deliver the highest quality in the handling and transportation of live and harvested fish, taking care of the adequate control of all the parameters associated with the well-being of the fish, both in the smolt and harvest stages. This thanks to its highly qualified staff and state-of-the-art equipment. Our Wellboats have 650 m3 warehouses with Oxygen generation plants, automatic fish counter and CO2 removal ponds, which allows sailing in closed condition. Our team of collaborators is focused on being a reliable and professional partner throughout all stages of salmon transportation.

High quality

Equipment and qualified personnel


It has warehouses of 325 m3 and 650 m3


Reliable and professional throughout all stages of salmon transportation

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Large Wellboat type ship with a capacity of 650 m3 for the transport of live fish (harvest and smolt).

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Sweet river ll

It has a capacity of 650 m3 for the transport of live fish, for this it has two warehouses of 325 m3 each.

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