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05 Oct

Frasal Inaugurates New Vessel to Support Anchoring Works

Frasal Inaugurates New Vessel to Support Anchoring Works

With the presence of Naviera Frasal executives, clients, representatives of the Chilean Navy and collaborators, the shipping company yesterday inaugurated its new ship that will provide support services for anchoring tasks in salmon farming centers.

Golfo de Arica was built under the provisions of the new gross tonnage regulation, of 100 Gross Register Tons (TRG), being the company's first ship of these characteristics of a total of six that the shipping company will acquire during this year.

During the activity, Sebastián Oyarce, deputy general manager of Frasal, commented that it is a very innovative vessel, providing greater safety and better habitability, both for the crew and for the anchoring tasks that the vessel will perform.

“The ship has a beam of 9 meters, a length of 21 meters and the most important thing about this boat is that it has a winch with a lifting capacity of 60 tons. On the other hand, the control of the boat can operate towards the bow and towards the stern, with the operation of the winch and the crane being carried out from the bridge and it also has the consumables to be able to operate in a 20-day task, without setbacks", detailed the Frasal executive.

In Oyarce's opinion, it is a boat developed specifically for anchoring tasks, "and we hope it more than meets customer expectations."

Regarding habitability, the Gulf of Arica is prepared to operate with 12 crew members.

“As it is a catamaran, in one hull there is a room for eight people and in the other hull there are two rooms for 2 people each. It is designed so that the client defines the distribution of the crew on board, whether in one hull the entire crew, and in the other, whether it will operate with divers or ROV pilots," said the deputy general manager of Frasal.

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