• Puerto Montt - Chile
  • Punta Arenas -Chile
  • +56652203630
  • Central Offices Sector Chinquihue 9,000, Km. 11 – Puerto Montt
  • +56652203630
  • Maipu 1039, Punta Arenas

slider_0002_golfo de ancud l

Gulf of Ancud l

Smaller multipurpose barge type ship with a load capacity of 50 tons.

slider_0003_golfo arica

Gulf of Arica

Smaller anchor ship with a load capacity of 100 tons, used to support cultivation centers.

slider_0000_golfo corcovado

Gulf of Corcovado II

Anchoring of centers for which it has a winch of up to 40 tons of load and habitability for people.

slider_0001_golfo de penas

Gulf of Penas III

Used to support farming centers, installation and replacement of fish tank and seal nets.