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In-situ harvest

We offer our clients the comprehensive on-site harvest service, which has equipment and qualified personnel to carry it out. As a company we have been developing this activity for more than 10 years. In the Magallanes area we were pioneers in harvesting with isotanks and also in the development of mixed harvesting, providing a comprehensive service to all our clients. Our services have a slaughter capacity of up to 5,000 fish/hour, and vessels that can transport up to 180 tons of biomass per trip.


Equipped with isotanks and mixed harvest

Transport capacity

180 tons of biomass per trip


We have 10 years in the industry

Comprehensive harvest service

The on-site harvesting service is also provided, which may include the killing of fish by knocking out and bleeding, unloading by gravity into a fishtainer for subsequent unloading at the dock.